SHS Elections 2018

Mapúans exercise right to vote
By: Crismhil S. Anselmo

As aspiring student-leaders lay out their platforms to the student body, Mapúans exercises the right to vote as the online 2018 Mapúa University Senior High School Student Council Election commences last September 02 to September 05.

A total of 80% voter turnout was set by the Mapúa SHS Commission on Elections for the election to be valid. Otherwise, it would be declared a failure of election. A re-election would then be conducted through ballot-voting. 

Although twelve out of the sixteen candidates run unopposed, they must obtain a total of 70% of the votes. If the total number of abstentions exceeds the 30% mark, the position would be declared null. A special election would then be conducted. 
The election was declared valid as the voter turnout reaches about 84% of the total population of the student body by the end of the voting period.

Verrick Jesus B. Sta. Ana of the LARAYA partylist was declared President after obtaining a total of 78.83% of the votes. 21.17% of the voter turnout abstained for the position. 

Independent candidate Alisha Mae Q. Taburno was declared CSC Representative after obtaining the highest percentage of the votes, winning over Jazent Nina Marie Tabañag of the LARAYA partylist, and the abstentions.

Meanwhile, the COO Representative and External Vice President positions were declared null after the total number of abstentions reached a total of 31.08% and 30.61%, respectively.

Ravelyn Emerald V. Dar Juan of the LARAYA Partylist was declared Internal Vice-President as she obtains a total of 72.59% of the votes, winning over the 27.41% total number of abstentions.

LARAYA’s Marielle Angelu C. Porlares was declared Executive Secretary after obtaining 70.73% of the votes, with 29.27% of the voter turnout abstaining for the postion. 

For the Assistant Secretary, Auditor, and Grade 12 Public Relations Officer positions, the total number of abstentions were 30.36%, 32.32%, and 31.49%, respectively. Thus, making the aforementioned positions null.

Meanwhile, LARAYA’s Elaine Bernadette L. Bargola acquires the Treasurer postion after she obtains 44.91% of the votes, beating independent candidate Ray Mar D. Felicio (with 31.70% of the votes) and the total number of abstentions (23.29%)
Obtaining 71.04% of the votes, Gabrielle P. Lumunsad of LARAYA was declared as the Grade 11 Public Relations Officer, with 28.96% total number of abstentions for the postion.

Anna Kamille D. Balan of LARAYA partylist was declared as the Grade 12 Business Manager after accumulating a total of 70.47% of the votes. A total of 29.53% abstentions were recorded for the position. 

LARAYA’s Lloyd Justin P. Lopez accumulated 70.11% of the votes, therefore making him as the Grade 11 Business Manager. A total of 29.89% of abstentions were recorded for the position.

Meanwhile, Eureka Marie F. Capili and Mr. Louis Vincent Lloyd M. Etorma, both from the LARAYA partylist, were declared as the Grade 12 Representatives, after obtaining 61% and 61.73% respectively. The total number of abstentions for the postion was 29.09%.
Accumulating 76.28% of the votes, LARAYA’s Precious Angel L. Antonio was declared as the Grade 11 Representative, winning over the 23.72% total number of abstentions. 

Leigh Ann M. Competente of LARAYA obtained 90.21% of the votes, winning over the 9.79% total of abstentions, making her the Grade 11 Makati Representative.

Special elections were conducted for null positions such as the External Vice President and Auditor positions. 
Aspiring EVP Andrea Nicole R. Villasanta and aspiring auditor Michael Angelo V. Abaloyan, both from LARAYA, emerged victorious in the special elections, after accumulating 70.15% and 66.10% of the total votes, respectively.

Meanwhile, the COO Representative, Assistant Secretary and Grade 12 Public Relations Officer positions remained null, as no one ran against the existing candidates for the aforementioned positions.

The new set of officers took their oath to serve and lead the senior high school student body, at the Mapúa SHS Investiture Ceremony held last September 10, 2018.