SHS MAPUA Mechanics

Contest Mechanics

  1. Team Composition and Eligibility
    1. Any currently enrolled Grade 10 student from an institution may join the contest.
    2. Each participating school should send one (1) team with one (1) accompanying coach.
    3. Each participating team should consist of three (3) members from the same high school.
  2. Coverage
    1. Biology
      • Cell Physiology
      • Biomolecules (Nucleic Acids, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids)
      • Genetics and Genetic Engineering
      • Organismal Biology (Plant Physiology, Human Physiology)
      • Energy Metabolism
      • Current Events and Trends in Biology/Medicine/Physiology
    2. Chemistry
      • Matter and its Classifications
      • Chemical Bonding and Reactions
      • Thermodynamics
      • Applications of Chemistry in Real Life
      • Current Events and Trends in Chemistry
    3. Physics
      • Mechanics
      • Thermodynamics
      • Optics
      • Electromagnetism
      • Current Events and Trends in Physics
    4. Mathematics
      • Algebra
      • Geometry
      • Statistics and Probability
      • Current Events in the Field of Mathematics
    5. Humanities
      • Philippine Literature
      • Afro-Asia Literature
      • American Literature
      • World Literature
      • Arts and Music
    6. Social Science
      • Asian History
      • World History
      • Contemporary Issue
  3. Pre-Contest Preparations
    1. All registered teams will receive a Zoom link for the competition.
    2. Students and coaches are advised to join the Zoom meeting at least 10 minutes before 8:00AM.
    3. Students and coaches must have a strong internet connection and back-up power supply. Missing question/s due to internet and/or electrical problems will not be the organizer’s liability.
    4. Students must be ready with three (3) devices: 1 laptop or desktop, 1 mobile phone for the Turning Point application, and 1 scientific calculator.
    5. Before the event, students are required to download the Turning Point application. The application logo is a blue hexagon  and is available to both Android and iOS users. 
    6. To register, click Sign in, then click Get started here to create an account. Register using the email listed on the registration form. For the region, kindly choose any region with “Asia”. Turning Point will be used all throughout the competition by the students in encoding their answers.
    7. Video cameras will be turned on all throughout the competition. Students and coaches are required to have a working video camera on their device.
  4. Contest Proper
    1. Elimination Round
      1. In this round, students (students) will individually be answering all questions divided into seven (7) fields – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Languages, Humanities and Arts, and Social Sciences.
      2. The elimination will consist of multiple-choice questions, 10 randomized items per field, with the answers being submitted by the students using their mobile phones via Turning Point application.
      3. Students and coaches will be asked to turn on their video cameras. Microphones should be muted unless there is a concern to be raised. Coaches are not allowed to help the students in any way. Coaches are there to monitor the competition and aid the team/s in case a problem arises.
      4. The questions will be flashed on-screen and read twice by the Quiz Master. Each wizard will be given 10 seconds to key in their answer. The timer will start after the second reading of the question.
      5. Students are allowed to solve or write while the Quiz Master is reading the question. But take note that sending of answers will only be allowed when the timer is running.
      6. Each correct answer will merit one (1) point.  
      7. At the end of this round, the score of the groups will be determined by getting the sum of the scores of the students in the group.
      8. The top ten (10) highest scoring teams will advance to the Final Round.
      9. In the event of a tie, all teams involved will have a sudden death elimination that will be administered by the panel of judges, in the presence of their respective coaches.
      10. The sudden death elimination round questions will be given in multiple choice format. There will be no timer. Any student from the team can answer. The team who got the item correctly advances to the next round. The team with an incorrect answer shall not be allowed to answer again until all teams have given their answers. If no one got the correct answer, the Quiz Master will move to the next question. The sudden death round will continue until the tie is resolved.
    2. Final Round
      1. Qualifying teams shall undergo a quiz bee-style Final Round to determine the Champion. For the Final Round, only the team captain, as written on the registration form, will be allowed to key in the team’s answer.
      2. There shall be three (3) rounds – the Apprentice, Master, and High Wizard rounds. Apprentice and Master Rounds shall be composed of three (3) multiple choice questions for each category while the High Wizard have a total of ten (10) multiple choice questions.
      3. The score of all teams in the elimination round will revert to zero.
      4. Each team together with their coach will be assigned a breakout room. At least 2 facilitators will accompany them.
      5. The questions will be flashed on-screen and read twice by the Quiz Master. All questions will be in multiple choice format.
      6. For the Apprentice Round, each team will be given ten (10) seconds to answer via the Turning Point application. Each correct answer in the Apprentice Round is worth one (1) point.
      7. For the Master Round, teams will be given one (1) minute to answer the questions via the Turning Point application. Each correct answer in the Master Round is worth two (2) points.
      8. The total scores of each team from the Apprentice and Master Rounds will be tallied at the end of the Master Round. Only the top five (5) teams will advance to the High Wizard Round.
      9. In case of a tie, the teams tied will have a sudden death round. Following Elimination Round clause (x).
      10. The scores of the top five (5) teams will carry over to the High Wizard Round.
      11. The High Wizard Round is composed of a total of ten (10) questions. Each team will be given ninety (90) seconds to encode their answers using the Turning Point application. Each correct answer is worth five (5) points.
      12. The top three (3) teams that earned the highest points from the Apprentice, Master and High Wizard Rounds shall be declared winners and runners-up.
      13. In case of a tie, a sudden death round will be conducted following the same rules mentioned in Elimination Round clause (x).
      14. Any form of cheating that tarnishes the spirit of the competition will prompt the disqualification of the team, upon approval from the panel of judges.
  5. Registration and Prizes
    1. Registration
      1. on or before January 16, 2022
    2. Prizes
      1. Champion – trophy, medals, and cash amounting to PhP 30,000
      2. 1st runner-up – trophy, medals, and cash amounting to PhP 20,000
      3. 2nd runner-up – trophy, medals, and cash amounting to PhP 10,000
  6. Technicalities
    1. Any form of cheating or coaching will incur a penalty for the group/s involved. For the first offense, a warning will be given, and the group will not merit any point in that question. For the second offense, the group shall be automatically disqualified from the contest.
    2. Protests from the students or coaches may be raised to the committee of judges before the next question is read. Protests will no longer be entertained once the next question is read.
    3. Calculators and periodic tables shall be allowed.
    4. Changing of answers are accepted as long as it is within the given timer.
    5. The collective decision by the judges is final and irrevocable.