Photography Club


Upon witnessing creativity, intellect and excellence, Mapúa Senior High School Photography Club envisions the development of reliable, globally-competent photographers for the good of the society and the community.


Guided by such vision, we oath to promote creativity, unity and diversity, responsive services throughout the campus and pertinent, dynamic studies for one's growth and advancement through the various activities that will give these young minds the tools they need in order to become photographers of the highest caliber, but also individuals capable of expressing thoughts and emotions meant to provoke thinking and action.


Capturing beauty through photography" is the belief that the Mapúa-SHS Photography Club stands by. Aiming to promote a community of expression, the club is founded and led by students from the Senior High School department. The club focuses on all activities that encourage the creativity and confidence of these students in the field of photography which, in turn, helps develop a sense of confidence and an "attitude of gratitude" towards appreciating society and life as a whole.