Sports Club


We, the Mapúa-SHS Sports Club, aim on giving educational and recreational projects, administrations, and facilities with a specific end goal to advance wellbeing, health and exercises that strengthens the students in Mapúa Senior High.


It is the goal for all participants to learn a love for the sport, to develop as players who are fundamentally and technically sound, and to be able to play against the best competition with sportsmanship.


Sports club is an organization where the members of the group are those who are active in their respective sports. It is where all students meet together and to be socially competent with others no matter what sports they are good in.

We, the Mapúa Senior High School Sports Club Organization, aim to provide opportunities to every student to show their skills to be physically, emotionally and mentally fit. To develop leadership skills through team works and group activities. And to be the most effective way to sustain, improve and develop their sports and help them in the future.