The Time Line

Second Semester Consultation Hours AY 2020 - 2021

Steps to Follow in Scheduling Consultation with a Teacher.

  1. Check the availability of the teacher using the link below:
    • Link: Click Here (Mapúa Credentials are needed to access the link)
    • Details included for each teacher are the following:
      • Zoom ID
      • Zoom ID Password
      • Courses Handled
      • Consultation Schedules
  2. Set an appointment for consultation with the teacher using any of the following platforms:
    • MS Teams Chat
    • Mapua E-Mail
    • Facebook
  3. Obtain confirmation from the teacher.
  4. On the confirmed schedule, go to the teacher’s zoom room using the details given in (1).

Note: Teachers will entertain students one at a time only. However, group consultation is allowed provided members have the same concerns. In case of multiple appointments in one time-slot, students are advised to stay at the waiting room and wait for their turn to talk to the teacher.

3Q2021 Tutorial Classes Enrollment and Schedules

Enrollment for 3rd Quarter Tutorial Classes is now open until Sunday, April 18, 2021. Please see the schedule and enrollment form below:

Tutorial Schedules

Outcome 1
Outcome 2
Outcome 3
Lecture 04/24/2021 05/08/2020 05/15/2020
Exam Start 04/26/2020 05/10/2020 05/17/2020
Exam Ends 04/30/2020 05/14/2020 05/21/2020
Last Grade Submission 05/27/2021

Student In-Progress List Link: