The Time Line

Second Semester Consultation Hours AY 2020 - 2021

Steps to Follow in Scheduling Consultation with a Teacher.

  1. Check the availability of the teacher using the link below:
    • Link: Click Here (Mapúa Credentials are needed to access the link)
    • Details included for each teacher are the following:
      • Zoom ID
      • Zoom ID Password
      • Courses Handled
      • Consultation Schedules
  2. Set an appointment for consultation with the teacher using any of the following platforms:
    • MS Teams Chat
    • Mapua E-Mail
    • Facebook
  3. Obtain confirmation from the teacher.
  4. On the confirmed schedule, go to the teacher’s zoom room using the details given in (1).

Note: Teachers will entertain students one at a time only. However, group consultation is allowed provided members have the same concerns. In case of multiple appointments in one time-slot, students are advised to stay at the waiting room and wait for their turn to talk to the teacher.